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Time Travel Erotica

Last week, I bought a time machine, which was on sale. I have made use of it extensively to explore sex, kink and erotica in both the past and the future. Nobody would know that I have been elsewhere. I often time travel during my tea-break from work. As far as anybody knows, I just took a fifteen minute break to make a hot drink. Yet, in reality, I had stepped into my time machine and selected a year, and whooooosh – I was in another era.

My erotic time travels have caused me some deliberation. After experiencing sex in so many different centuries I have come to some conclusions.

Journeys to the past were fascinating. It all depended on one’s status in society as to how enjoyable an experience sex might be. But in general I noticed that as a female, I did not have the freedoms I have today. As a peasant girl, I rolled around in fields with smithies, soldiers and shepherds. I was debauched by a viscount who had married a wealthy woman twice his age. I realized how inconvenient and laborious corsets and knickerbockers could be.

Frequently I was lied to, cheated, treated like a commodity and generally I was dismayed by the level of mistreatment that seemed to be accorded to me. There was no protective agency really willing to listen to what I had a woman had to report.

One clear disadvantage of the past was the frequent cases of halitosis I seemed to discover in the male population. If you are considering erotic time travel as a hobby, please be aware that dental hygiene and sanitary conditions in general are pretty dire in days of yesteryear. You need a strong stomach to cope with the smells some men emit.

When I was fed up of the exploring the sex life in ancient times, I decided I would journey into the future. It intrigued me to know whether erotic experiences would be different from those we are used to in our modern times. So I stepped into my time machine and selected a year, and whooooosh – I was able to try out the latest technological enhancements to sex.

Sex in the future was all about increasing the sensory aspects of sex. Nowadays, we use condoms as a birth control measure and to protect ourselves from STDs, but in the future, we would don a special body suit. It was not just about protection though, the ultra thin synthetic gauze embedded with probes and emitters are designed to magnify pleasure.

Every touch is electric, every kiss is intense, every thrust is shocking. Sex in the future, enhanced by technology is physically exhilarating and somewhat exhausting. Nobody goes to the gym in the future. The workout provided by techno-sex burns up so many calories and stimulates all of the muscles in the body. It helps to keep the population in great shape.

Reproduction is also strictly regulated. Of course wearing a techno suit prevents the transfer of semen. So, only those with specifically desired genes are permitted to apply for permission to reproduce. As there is no marriage in the future, no committed relationships or co-habiting because people see no benefits to monogamy, the Global Reproduction Committee assign you a partner to have naked sex with based on your DNA profile. Most who experience old fashioned sex say it is boring compared to the techno-sex they are used to.

Although I have to acknowledge the physical pleasure of sex in the future is wild and scintillating, there was something I found hard to deal with. There is no attraction, no adoration, no passion, no loyalty and no love. Humans have discarded perceived emotional “weaknesses” and their outlook is based on outward sensory experience alone.

After the novelty of the best sex I had ever experienced wore off, I felt empty and without any real joy I could carry with me. The endorphin rush that came with techno-sex faded as depression took hold. I needed to have more and more techno-sex to maintain some veneer of happiness. I had a different partner during every session. I did not even know their names. The synthetic sensual sensations, the surges of hormones, they were not enough for me. I stepped into my time machine and selected a year, and whooooosh – I travelled back to the present.

My erotic time travel adventures taught me a lesson. There has never been a better time to enjoy sex. There is more freedom now than there has ever been. There is also better hygiene now than there has ever been.

But for me, the reason why I need to live in the present, and to enjoy the freedoms I have as a modern day woman, is that I can choose who to fall in love with, I can choose whether or not to have a child, I can enjoy all that makes sex so much more than just a physical sensory experience – love and loyalty, naked skin on skin trust, laying beside someone and watching their chest rise and fall as they sleep deeply…it’s all so magical and so meaningful. It makes sex right now better than it has ever been in the past, and better than it will be in the future.

Perhaps you don’t believe what I have reported to you about my own conclusions from erotic time travel. Maybe you want to take an adventure for yourself and try out sex throughout history and try out the technologically enhanced sex of the future. It would be interesting to hear what you conclude from your erotic time travel.

I have decided I want to live in the present, so I am selling my time machine on eBay. If you are curious, then buy the time machine and have your own sexual misadventures. All you have to do is step into the time machine and select a year, and whooooosh!!!


This was of course pure fantasy fiction and was inspired by the 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION prompt of “TIME TRAVEL“.

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Drinking…at the moment…only a cup of camomile tea. I am laying on my bed right now…doing a little work on my blog.
But soon I will start working on dinner. I think it will be pasta tonight – using our Italian produce!

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I did not notice any free samples actually. Their wine cavern is at the back of the sore. The right side has all their dry goods – pastas, jars of all sorts of sauces and anti-pasta, biscuits etc. Almost the whole of the left side is their chilled counters – cakes, salads, cheese, meat and then a gap with more fridges with salad veggies etc.

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Hi May
I am ok in myself. My back has been a problem. The MRI I had showed how much damage has been done to my back so now I have to wait for surgery. But in the meantime, I am on very strong painkillers and under supervision of a physiotherapist. I am going away with Ben next week. The journey will be very tough for me, but I want to be with Ben.
I am enjoying the summer, enjoying seeing friends, enjoying strawberries and cream!
Life is good….I will be very glad when I can walk properly again!


Jenna – this was excellent. I hadn’t thought of all the aspects you have considered, but from the historical novels I’ve read I can imagine the ‘cons’ are very true! Great research! I like your imagining of futuristic sex too, but I can see that it wouldn’t have the emotional connection. Lets hope we dont go down the route u predict!

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Thanks Posy. I think I was inspired by the picture I found. I do have a fear of how technology is taking the human element out of everything…I would hate for it to play havoc with our sex life. It already seems weird that so many people get their kicks out of battery operated devices rather than going through the magic of attraction, romance, love and wonder. To me sex is so much more than outer sensory experiences…there is a mental emotional drama playing out between two people that leads to intimacy. Take that out of the equation and it’s meaningless.

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