Summer Nights

I know those temperate nights stir stronger hormones. I know the blood races and the yearning deepens. I know that there are moments when you long for that mysterious woman in your life to miraculously make an appearance and without saying a word slip in between the sheets beside you.

I can imagine you holding your breath, wondering how I read your thoughts and came to you in the night. Don’t worry, I will just settle close to you, resting my head upon your shoulder and enjoying the warmth of your skin.

My intention is just to rest beside you. We don’t have to do anything else but hold each other, letting our affection heal deep wounds, whispering reassurances to each other of our love. To kiss away the tears that escape from your eyelids.

I ache for you sometimes, especially on those sweltering summer nights, when you are craving the sweet comfort of affection or the perhaps the erotic exhilaration that you know your exquisite companion would bring.

For now, I will meet you in your dreams – you know, the dreams you are too embarrassed to share with me.


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