The Return To The Office

In nine days time, the UK is scheduled to open up. I believe that decisions whether to proceed with some of the last major lifting of social distancing restrictions will be made on Monday. Will the “work at home if you can” mandate be lifted? Will there be a mass return to the office?

I am dreading that to be honest. I have two hour commute to work and a two hour commute home from work. Plus my back is still causing me a lot of pain. I have started physiotherapy, but I am also on the waiting list for surgery. Returning to the office seems overwhelming to me right now.

Fortunately for me, whatever the decision the UK government makes about the scheduled re-opening on 21st June…my own personal return to the office will be postponed. That week I will be traveling with Ben and we will be away for a few weeks. Our journey is going to be a nightmare for me.

Ben told me ages ago that working from home has meant he was not worried I was going to fall for someone at work. I was surprised he even said it. He explained it as not as a lack of trust, but a fear he has because other men notice his beautiful girlfriend and try to befriend her.

Nobody, nobody is going to try it on with me while I am hobbling along with this damage impeding my sexy gait. Still…I like that Ben is so protective over me. There is something nice about being treasured as a prize to him.

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Sadly I suspect there will be a push to return folk to offices and their commute in order to satisfy the demands of big….and wee….businesses who rely on the passing or lunching footfall, rather than listening to the pleas of those with public health concerns.
Here’s hoping your back is better so you can enjoy your trip 🤞

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We are slowly opening up too and many have returned to the office, but with all going on in our lives now, I have been granted to work from home indefinitely. I really dread too having to go to the office every day again!
~ Marie xox

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I do Marie. It looks as if I will be going back to the office when we come back from overseas, which will be the end of July. But we are going to be moving back to the US at the end of the year, so no it will only be four or five months of the long commute to and from work. I am glad!

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I have to admit though….to me the restraint and self-control that love has called for seems to have also brought perfect freedom…the freedom to do good to the man I love freely by remembering him in in decisions big and small.
It’s like skipping around on the roof of a Dutch barn knowing you are protected from breaking your neck by the safety hardness and secure tether. I feel free because I know where the limits are. I feel loved and I know that that within me is the ability to break the heart of a wonderful man. I want to stay as far away from that precipice as possible.


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