The Pursuit Of Balance

When I was a youth, I had no appreciation for how important it would be to learn to be balanced. As an adult, I now know that often success, peace, joy are much easier to attain if balance is a feature of your thinking, your emotional reactions, your decisions and your habits.

Ben has helped me to become more balanced, especially in my emotional reactions and in my judgements. He helps me not to overreact to my own mistakes. He also has a clear way of reasoning that I have learnt so much from. Balance is helping me to enjoy and feel secure within our relationship.

I am trying to move forwards in my life, one foot at a time, and sometimes I make errors and end up way off track from where I want to be. But one thing that Ben has helped me to appreciate, is that if you take a wrong turn, you can take the next opportunity to correct your course. Mistakes are not something to punish ourselves over endlessly. We learn, we get back on track, we keep moving forwards.

Gone are my youthful notions about the pursuit of a perfect body, a huge bank balance, a wide circle of friends. I am not interested in the futile goals that once tempted me. Now I want to live a balanced life, and after working hard for my employer, switch off and enjoy the wonders of creation. I make sure there is enough time in my schedule to enjoy eating, laughing, and resting and I try to keep a balanced view of myself.

I may not be the fastest, I may not be the strongest, I may not be the most clever – but I believe that it is actually balance that improves your chances of conquering the world!

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