Mischievous Man-eater

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

I’ve been up to mischief, I confess I’ve been a naughty girl

Had so much sex it would make even Casanova’s hair curl

I’m starting to earn my reputation as a man-eater

For breakfast I had Mick, for lunch Tom, and for dinner Peter

Followed by a jam-packed night

With a schedule that ran tight

I’d had Clarke and of course Mark

Before it was even dark

There were Barry and Larry

Who then watched me shag Harry

Boris, Morris and Horace

Followed by pretty Doris

Then came Fred and old Ted

Who handcuffed me to the bed

I ended with Rick and Nick

Who has a gigantic dick

I have a mischievous streak, but my crimes are hardly heinous

I can’t resist the temptation of a big juicy penis

I don’t spread my legs for just any man, I am quite fussy

He has to be well-endowed enough to excite my pussy

The only exception is Doris who has beautiful tits

Whenever I go down on her she starts giggling in fits

I won’t stand for that as to me sex is no laughing matter

So I’ve had to spank her so hard that her teeth started to chatter

I admit I have been mischievous, but I’m not the one to blame

It’s all those men who flirt with me and ignite my inner flame

When I’m sure their cock is at least as big as a banana

My mischievous streak awakens the man-eating piranha

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