Sex At Twenty-One

Sex has improved since I was aged twenty-one. I don’t in any way mean that as an insult towards my first boyfriend. We were both learning. I felt safe. His parents and my parents were friends. We had both been given a lot of advice about safe sex. I am sure there was love between us, even if it does seem like a long time ago now.

But we were trying out what we understood were the basic mechanics of sex, trying to copy sex scenes we had seen in movies, and some of it was nice. It was nice. Perhaps we were just too young. When I look back, I am not sure why it is that now I get so much more satisfaction and enjoyment out of sex.

It could simply be a matter of how much I love Ben. It could be that Simon taught me a lot about increasing pleasure in sex. It could be that Greg taught me what it is to give my body over to someone and let them take their fill. I don’t know. But I know that sex has improved a great deal since I was twenty-one.

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I don’t mean this in any way as an insult to my first boyfriend, but I didn’t enjoy sex back then. It was sometimes nice, but I didn’t really look forward to it. I didn’t get a lot out of it. Probably that was because I was not ready. I don’t regret our relationship, in fact I am glad we were together, because if we weren’t I think I would have made a lot of mistakes I would have found it very hard to get over. I just wish I could have let myself be a child for longer. It was not his fault. In fact, he waited until he thought we were both ready. But I later realized I did not understand what a real relationship was.

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Thanks for sharing Jenna, I think you expressed yourself very well, looking back at your life with the outlook of someone (now) more experienced.


At 21 sex for me was the hunt for a life partner when it should have been exploration. Fortunately, I had a number of lovers who were in it for the fun. I got to try out all the things I read about in penthouse forum and other erotica. It has been a strange trip I wouldn’t want to do over. But I wouldn’t trade it either. I am the person I am today and can appreciate what I have better for all that has happened in between then and now.


There are days where my Kitten and talk about I wish I knew you when I was young. But then again we wouldn’t be who we are. The people who fell in love with each other.

There are days though where we wonder what kind of babies would we have made?
Our worlds would be very different. But then again overall we can’t complain. We have a beautiful life.

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The truth is if Ben had known me at 21, the wisest thing he could have done is flee. I was a mess!! I did not know myself.
But is so lovely to imagine being with just one man, one man who you belong to. I sometimes hate that other men have seen me naked! I wish it were only Ben.

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