sex sells

Sex Sells #42

Doritos have another stab at sexy. The last Doritos commercial I saw with a sexy theme did not impress. But this one I do like a lot more. Apart from the terrible music, it made me smile.

From the start I was distracted by the figure in the background. I thought it was Dad in the kitchen while his teenage son was watching a sexy scene on TV with his girlfriend. But I obviously got that wrong.

If only making a move was as easy as crunching into a potato chip! There is a little bit of imagination in this commercial, and part of me is glad it ended the way it did.

3 replies on “Sex Sells #42”

That left me feeling all gross and icky. The dude in the background and the dude in the end are not the same person. The young girl on the scene on the tv with a much old man? And the popping buttons etc the whole thing is just wrong. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
How did they even get away with that?

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You picked up on all of the things that are so wrong about this commercial. I think if they thought a little bit more carefully about the fine-tuning, the idea might have worked better. But yes….there is just so much that is cringe-worthy!

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