The Sexiness Of Strawberries

If you type in “strawberry erotica” to your search engine scroll bar click on IMAGES, so long as you have SAFE SEARCH turned off – well you are in for a sizzling array of fruity images.

What is it that makes strawberries the sexiest of all fruit? It makes me smile because here in the UK – strawberries are the must-have summer food item. Strawberries and cream are iconic to British summertime, as is tennis, Pimms, and white capri pants. White clothing and the stains of summer life – from grass marks to strawberry juice – do not make laundry easy!

Do the Brits have any idea how incredibly erotic strawberries are? They are the number one indulgence for secret lovers – champagne and strawberries makes the ultimate post-coital snack.

But those erotic images – big red juicy lips, big red juicy strawberries – it is so yummy! Even RASPBERRY RIPPLES has to admit that strawberries are without doubt the sexiest of all fruity indulgences.

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The strawberry as a fruit was a popular fruit for me back in the 90’s with clients – so many naughty side dishes could always be aroused with a bit of cream and sprinkles and chocolate ………….


I have a lot of catching up to do on your posts Rory. I look forward to reading what you have in store for me!

Ben is fine. He and the boys worked so hard in tremendous heat. He is tired, but deservedly so. I had to rest a lot and I think that has been good for my back. I am on some painkillers which are reducing my back pain, but I have also lost some of the feeling in my legs. I have a lot of pins and needles and numbness. I am back at hospital next week for a review with my consultant. I had a letter arrive while we were away about the surgery they propose. I really want to be able to enjoy walking!! That is my main aim. It should not be such a challenge for me just to take a walk or go shopping for groceries.

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Jenna, this is alarming, that such a small injury or what was thought to be a small injury could cause such a catastrophic injury. Did you have an injury to your back when you were younger and therefore this has caused you to be prone to more severe problems?


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