fantasy fiction

Don’t Let Go

We drink each other up and feel both contended and yet thirsty for more. We laugh and run hand in hand along beaches, attempting to cartwheel and laughing at ourselves because we so ungraceful as our legs kick into the air.

There is always time for a swim for you and I during our glorious afternoons in golden sunshine. Like the wild child I was, I try to race against you, and end up red-faced as your strong arms plow into the water and take you steadily ahead of me. So I turn back and when I am confident you cannot catch me up, I shout to you, “First one back to the beach is the winner!”

You almost catch up to me, but I gleefully run up the beach declaring my victory. So you grab hold of me and swing me around in your arms, calling out you are the winner and I am the prize. I scream, “Let go of me!!!” But you tickle me over and over to make me squeal.

Our energetic laughter ends as we collapse into the warm sand and sidle up to each other. Once the golden rays have licked up the seawater off our skin, we find our legs entwining. As I gaze into your eyes, I voice my true feelings to you, “Don’t let go. I don’t want you to let go of me.”

You stroke my hair and sigh, “I am not going anywhere.”

As flames of violet and fuchsia, crimson and gold consume the sky, we hold each other tightly. One of us whispers, “Hold me.” It is impossible to tell whose lips those words came from because the beating of our hearts was so loud.


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