sex sells

Sex Sells #43

It’s about time the classic Nescafe Gold Blend series of commercials had a mention. This is another example of classic advertising, with an understated sexy theme going on.

The couple really fall for each other over coffee, and this compilation of adverts has it all – flirting, chat-up lines, suppressed desires, misunderstandings, confessions, and more. It is as good as any soap opera.

Of course Nescafe knew that the whole nation was hooked and wanted to know if there was going to be a happy ending. This truly was a brilliant marketing campaign and for a jar of instant coffee – Nescafe Gold Blend still has a reputation for being a brilliant way to break the ice.

Nescafe truly smashed sexy advertising!

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I prefer coffee from our machine, or if I am being lazy, from a cafetiere. We never buy instant. But the adverts are really impressive though. I love the idea of a series of adverts, so that people are curious about what will happen next.

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