Ben and I will be away for a few weeks, so I may be a little quiet. In fact, by the time this post is published we will already have been away for a week. I have been organized though. I have some posts scheduled to be published while I am away.

I have also working on my site, trying to make it more navigable, easier for anyone to visit and find something that appeals to them. As I have mentioned before, I started out intending to write only fiction, but there have been so many interesting prompts from Marie, May and other bloggers who host link-ups, I have ended up sharing a lot of my own personal experiences. I also love music, so dreamy, romantic, or sexy music (in harmony with the theme of my site) has been a regular feature of my posting schedule.

So…I have created a separate page which you may be able to see in my primary menu so you can find the kind of posts that make you smile. Beside the HOME, BLOG, ABOUT ME and CONTACT pages which have also been there, here are the pages I have been adding to my blog recently:








I have more work to do…it takes time to go through all my posts this past eleven months, categorizing them and adding links. But I am pleased with the start I have made!

The RASPBERRY RIPPLES site is still a mix that I like, and that represents me – dreamy, erotic, romantic, fun, sweet, sexy and on the whole kinda lovely-licious – don’t you think!!! So, I hope you enjoy a visit to my site.

5 replies on “Navigating RASPBERRY RIPPLES”

I am always learning about blogging. I saw some other bloggers do this. My Noo made her site very effective by creating a food menu, drinks menu and music compilation page. I thought it worked great, so I tried to do something similar. But maybe I have too many menus. I don’t know. It is hard to manage when you post on lots of different subjects.


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