I sense fear and shame and it does not make sense to me. Yes, in my head I understand those feelings. But where is the man who I know believes in love and trust? Where is the man I know?

Just because I have seen your nakedness – why would I love you less? I love you more. I have seen something of the man you are, but I have seen the man you yearn to be, the man you are trying to be every day. I love both. I love the imperfect man with all that makes him feel awkward and uncomfortable and I cherish those scars and the anxious furrows in your forehead. I love the inner man, the man of the heart, the man who wants to hold his head up high and stride with confidence. You ought to do that, knowing you have a solid friendship that sprang out of a casual and chance encounter.

I love this man – every shade of this man, every version of this man. I love, it’s as simple as that. You – you who revere this word “love” so much – when did you allow doubt to creep in? Woven with love is trust. The woman who loves you is a woman who loves you. Love and trust go together like strawberries and cream. If love is strong, trust will be strong. You would go crazy if you doubted the love and trust that you had been counting on.

I understand, in my head, I understand fear and shame and vulnerability – I do. It’s the vulnerability, the fear of me focusing on the parts of you that you are least proud of. To be surprised, to be caught out when we are naked, is sometimes too much. We all want to be in control of how much we reveal. But love and trust. I am your friend first and foremost. A friend is not a friend if you cannot trust them. I trust you implicitly. So I want you to do the same. True love and trust bring peace to your heart and relief. There is no pretence in true love. There is harbour, shelter, comfort and a haven of rest. Be at peace.

I saw your nakedness and it made me love you more.

…and don’t forget – you have seen me naked too…

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