fantasy fiction

Our Sunset Drives

Those were the days. You worked over time for months so you could buy yourself that pick-up truck. You would pick me up after I finished my shift at the ice-cream store, heavy rock music blasting from your speakers. Leaning forward I would change the radio station. You would groan as I sang along to old Elvis crooners.

We watched the same sunset Elena Gallegos would have contemplated hundred of years ago. It was hard for me to contain my feelings. Being close to you, my heart was bursting with emotion. There was nobody else I would rather have been next to. You were everything to me.

Only you could make me forget all of my worries. There was no pain when you played Dylan to me. You had your own half hatched dream on the backburner of recording an album of Beatles covers. I would have bought your album. I would have bought tickets to come and see you play. I would have been your biggest fan.

But your Father wanted you to grow up and take on more responsibility in the family business. You were a good boy. You sacrificed your dreams and stayed home to work for the company and care for your family. I wanted to stay too. I wanted to be your girl, always and forever. I could see no future without you. But my parents had other ideas. I was packed off to Charlottesville to study Keats and Coleridge and to have my head planted with worldly ambitions.

Nothing mattered away from you. My head was packed with satirical rhetoric. Now I no longer belong back home. I don’t know where I belong. I wish I could go back to those days. I would choose to stay in your arms forever. Now I am doomed to a perpetual search for home, a home that does not exist away from you.

I loved you just the way you were, just the way you are. It saddens me that we don’t watch sunsets anymore. I am not able to listen to you playing your six-string. I will never be in your arms again.

I am happy for you. I know you have a family now. I know that under your management the family business expanded and that your father felt he could not turn down the offer he received to sell the business. I heard that an agent heard you play a gig up at Sister and asked you if you’d be be interested in a regular set. I heard that you started to fly up to Las Vegas at weekends and were soon signed up to a record label. I heard that your dreams came true.

It makes me happy to know that you are happy.

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