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You Are Perverse!

I am just going to say here…this is fiction…I know it reads as non-fiction, but I was super-mad with one of Ben’s team who grabbed my behind a few days ago and called me “cutey”. What the hell is the matter with these guys? This is the second time in a year I have had to deal with completely inappropriate behaviour by men under Ben’s supervision. (He later apologises and told Ben he had no idea I was his partner.) But as Ben and I have been pretty inseparable and employ sufficient PDA to make it very clear we are a couple, I was not convinced. So…I thought I would channel my outrage into a fictional rant!

You are perverse and you are the complete utter perversion of everything I would want in a man! I am not your “doll-face” or your “sweet-cheeks” and if you ask me how I like my meat one more time I won’t be responsible for the consequences.

Everything about you drips with sleaze. From your glow in the dark underpants to the crude remarks you leave on my blog. Ben’s already made a habit of trashing your comments, but now I say…you are on another level of perversion.

Please stop trying to pacify me by telling me your favourite colour is pink and your favourite fruit are raspberries. You have offended both me and Ben by your delusional drivel. That’s why you are now blocked and your comments go straight to the spam folder.

You are not my Daddy, or my master, and I certainly would not submit to a barefaced w$%&* with a grotesquely swollen scuzzy limp d$%&* that looks as if it needs some fiercely strong anti-biotics before it shrivels up and turns blue.

There we go – all the anger is out! I can go back to being sweet Miss Pink again!

15 replies on “You Are Perverse!”

Girl you are so much nicer than I am. That jerwad would have been rolling on the ground in front of me. No man has any right to speak or touch a woman as they please. There are three things that I have taught T:
1)You are not allowed to touch anyone without their consent. Bodies are not sexual until made sexual between two consenting individuals.
2) Think about what you are about to do. Would you be happy if I came home and told you that this had happened to me?
3) Is this something that will cause my mom to kick my ass?

As we are just now heading into the teen years I will let you know how it works out.
I am very hopeful that I for one have made him aware of the dangers of acting an ass.
However if I have not he knows what happens when I catch up with him. I have told him no matter how far he goes I will find him and there is nothing that another parent or the police can do to him that will rival what I do.
I realize may sound like I am a mean old mom but I refuse to be a part of the problem in allowing the ‘boys will be boys’ attitude to prevail.
Have a fabulous weekend.
PS How is your back doing?


You are a good mom!!!

Education is the key. It should be very clear to everyone – don’t touch unless the invitation is made very clear.

My back is less painful – I think that is due to the painkillers I am on – but I am having trouble due to numbness and pins and needles in my legs and other places!! But less pain is good, it is extending the range of my movement.


I have to admit that this post got me a little worried. Because I found the idea of glow in the dark underwear very appealing. Where can I get me a pair of those? And why are they such a bad thing? Does this mean I am like the guy that you are talking about? I hope not


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Is this a new post from you Jenna? You mentioned the other day the boys out there are being silly. I am glad to hear they are also aware of your difficulty walking and that they are being helpful.

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Jacob – you are so right!!! It is not acceptable. I am sure they do it to antagonize Ben. I am not always sure if it is a jealousy thing, or if they are cross with him because of a work issue. Ben is a lovely boss, but he has to sign off a project is up to standard, so part of his responsibility is checking on the work of others. They don’t always like that.


It is bizarre sometimes. I sometimes find that if you object, some will start accusing you of being over-sensitive. I think there needs to be much clearer education that you don’t touch someones intimate parts unless they are making it very obvious it would be welcome. The law has to be firm about that.


The law is the first step. It has to run deeper. It has to become a social norm. So that men who don’t act with consent are considered ill mannered and undesirable by everyone including other men.

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