What Is In A Number?

With every passing year I know more and more friends and colleagues who find love with someone older than them – usually and older guy. I see everyone as different. I am sure that there are some negative examples of someone too innocent, naïve, young being taken advantage of by someone who more experienced and manipulating. Yet there are also simple cases of attraction that develops into affection that shoots down roots and flourishes into romance and love.

There is something that scares me about younger people today. They seem incredible fickle and capricious. I think that is one of the reasons why I am drawn to people older than myself. They make me feel safer. I feel I can trust them and rely on them. Yeah….I know I sound a little biased here….but I am just bringing up the subject. I find myself more often attracted romantically to men who are older than me.

4 replies on “What Is In A Number?”

Being 21 years older than my partner I was surprised to learn that age is just a number. Unless you let it be a limit.
My best friend married a woman 21 years younger 10 years ago and I wondered how/why? Now I know. Love is love. Chemistry is undeniable sometimes.

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I understand the “safety” aspect of someone who is more mature. I don’t think age is always the truest indicator of maturity though. But if someone has not learnt how to treat other people right – well….I would not want to have to mumsy them.

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I would not want have to keep telling my partner to grow up and learn how to be an adult. I guess two people would have to be on a similar maturity level regardless of age. Yes…that all makes sense Bucharoo.


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