sex sells

Sex Sells #45

Carl’s Jr have missed the point again with this commercial. It is just cheap on every level. I love it when companies get sexy advertising right, but I think Carl’s Jr are living in an alternative reality. Guys – come on! A hottie getting off to a burger is not the way to go. Just no!

We have exhibited some brilliant advertising campaigns during this past year – and if you want to get it right – please learn from the likes of Boddingtons Nescafe, Cadburys and the King of kinky commercials – Jean Paul Gauthier!

There is something so wrong about Carl’s Jr, I have no idea why I even let them in except to highlight them as only being an example of how to market a product to an audience who have not caught up with the values of millennials.

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OMG what a ridiculous piece of junk. That is the nicest i can be. I am actually appalled that not only did someone have to conceive of and pitch the idea but the fact that they bought into it. Ick ick ick ick it does not make me want to eat a burger.

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I recognize this from a training video we had to do recently about the mistreatment women have to put up with in the workplace due to how women are portrayed by the media and entertainment. Yes…the company behind this advert are rather behind with the times.

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Not that I think subtle is always the best advertising approach, but this commercial was kind of a mess and made me think I was watching an 80’s hair metal video rather than a messy hamburger commercial. I sort of wish it had been a car commercial because then we would have know what car was behind Paris Hilton.

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