fantasy fiction

If It Makes You Happy…

Dear Claude

I am feeling….well, I hardly know. Is it anger? Is that your fault? Is it envy? Is that my fault? I just feel unhappy. I feel hurt.

You made me feel special. You made me feel like I was the only one. You made me feel as if the stars were shining brighter whenever they saw the two of us together. I was intoxicated with it all…the romance, the excitement – head over heels I was with you. The flames of love blinded me to little doubts that I tried to dismiss from my mind.

Yet it has faded away into ashes. I caught you cheating Claude. Brazenly, in broad daylight, you were with another woman. My initial reaction was to hide so that you could not see me. I did not mean to be deceitful, but it gave me chance yo observe you and her flirting without shame.

What should I do? I have no moral leg to stand on. For despite knowing you were already betrothed, I had agreed to become your mistress in the belief you genuinely adored me. Since I spotted you with the scarlet floozy I have noticed you with half a dozen other girls. Now I see that you have a number of extramarital connections to maintain, and I am nothing unordinary at all.

Claude, I cannot judge you, but neither can I endure being part of your secret little harem. If it makes you happy Claude, please persist in indulging your fancies wherever and whenever and with whomever tickles you pink. With regards to me, I am hurt to the extent that I sincerely ask you to desist from all communications with me from hence on.

Goodbye Claude. I thank you for some of the happiest moments of my life. I regret I believed you as I am now hurt more than I have ever known.

Yours fondly,



Just a little fictional exercise for me…not based on anyone I know in real life. I guess just thinking about how it feels to know the man you thought was besotted with you…is probably not after all!

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