Travel Trauma


Ta-da!!! A up-to-date post from me. Wi-fi is still not happening where we are staying. Ben has to travel a couple of times a week between a huge construction site and a city a few hours drive away. He has been able to send emails when he gets wi-fi. Ben has forwarded messages from me to friends. I asked my lovely blogging friend Melody to log into my WordPress account with my password and post this little message from me.

Ben and I are ok. He is working very hard. Me – not so much!!! I have a lot of documents on my laptop – company policies, guides, manuals that I have been updating. But I am running out of work. I have some ideas for writing some content for work from scratch. I have no idea why I am updating you about work!

My back is ok…the journey was awful, I was hopeless for the first week. But since then I have had a few weeks of rest and work and a little walk and it is all good for my back.

OK…that’s all I have to say for now. Hope you are all well!

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