Summer Love

I wanted to write a post about how much I love summer, or perhaps I should say, how much I love English summers. Summers in Texas I do not like! Neither do my folks. They spend winters in Texas and head back north as soon as the snow melts.

However, English summer is lush and green. Sometimes the Brits have a short spell of humid hot weather that is over 30 degrees Celsius. But most of the time, the weather is just pleasantly warm. The kind of temperature that means you never think about a coat.

This is the last summer Ben and I intend to spend in England, and ironically, we are going to be away for a month. But once we are back in England at the end of July, we want to make the most of the rest of this summer with trips to places we want to visit before we move back to the US.

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Thank you Zoe ❤

Part of me wishes we had been able to enjoy our three years here without the Pandemic restricting our movements. There are so many places I would have loved for Ben to see. We are going to have a few trips away over the next few months.


I do love summer too, but only for as long as it lasts because I love the changes in seasons and actually autumn has to be my fave. Summer can be fickle, I quite like that, especially here in the UK where I am, and summer’s mean I don’t have to dress like a polar bear, though I do like layers, but also I enjoy much being able to dress light and minimal too 🙂


I love the feeling of not worrying about taking a coat out with me in the summer, however, one thing that I have learnt about British summer is never to abandon the umbrella! You are so right – summer in the UK can be fickle!

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