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I Would Spoil You

My love should come with a health warning – you will be totally spoilt and adored by your lover. I will find every way to bring a smile to your face – from baking cookies, to playing masseuse. Your favourite foods, your every comfort served, your wish will be my command.

If you don’t want to, you will never have to lift a finger. I will be your slave – a domestic diva, living to pamper you and bestow you with treats.

In the bedroom…you will have your every pleasure, your every desire fulfilled. There will be no limits to the lengths I will go to thrill you.

In other words – I would be a terrible idea. You will gradually become a very spoilt, pampered, man who takes everything for granted. I know this and yet…I love you! You have a very silly young woman on your hands who wants to love you in the most ridiculous and unreasonable of ways.

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I was new to both writing and blogging when I started – it has been a Pandemic hobby really – because we seemed to be in everlasting lockdowns in the UK.

The majority of bloggers have been great, but yes, one or two have made themselves a flippin’ nuisance!

Peach – have you already come across Marie and May, who host some great prompts/memes that erotica writers are welcome to link in with?

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I have not. Thank you for the tip! I will check them out and give them a follow. I don’t usually use prompts cause I have more ideas than time- this erotica blog/pen name is my second one, and I’m working on some stuff for publication too.

Seems like a successful pandemic hobby for you-you’ve built up a substantial fan base!


Mel gave me lots of advice when I began. She had already been blogging for a couple of years and she told me about using tags and joining in link-ups. She also recommended the scheduling feature so that there is a regularity to posting. I think she knows what she is talking about.

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I looked for Marie and May and didn’t find them. Who is Mel?

I’ve tried using tags and it seems to work-I assume that’s how I get traffic from people I’ve never heard of. But I’ve never heard of link-ups before.

In general it seems like people are more hesitant to engage with the erotica blog than my other blog (which is a little provocative but not explicit).

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I will send you some link-ups. There is a real mixed bunch who join in. I think I am at the much tamer end of erotica writing – I like a more dreamy, romantic, sensual erotica. But there are some writers quite at the other end of the scale, whose work leaves me needing to sit down and have a good strong cup of tea to recover.

Marie has her own blog, but she also runs a popular weekly prompt/meme blog as well:

May runs a semi-monthly prompt:

Both Marie and May are very lovely. There are some other bloggers running prompts as well….Missy, Bridget and others. You may see them pop up.

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