Am I Selfish?

There are times when I want to kick off these stilettos, unclip my hair and run down to the beach to meet you. I want to run along the beach with you, kick waves, and swim in the cool ocean.

Sometimes I want to switch off my mind to all other concerns and just curl up with you, in our retreat, our little escape. I am comforted by the way you stroke my hair, warm me in your arms, and whisper into my ear.

There are moments of confusion, because I am supposed to be a grown up, and yet the spoilt little girl is coming to the surface. I put my arms around you because I feel scared to lose you. There always seems to be another girl who want you for herself.

Am I selfish, spoilt? Am I demanding, possessive? I don’t want to be any of that if it would make me a burden to you. But if in any way it makes you feel an inner glow to know you are my sweetest indulgence – then that is something that is just fine with me.

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