A WordPress Welcome

Ben and I arrived back in England on Monday. Since then, I have been recovering from a very demanding journey back here. Ben spent yesterday with me…generally spoiling me. Today he has had to go back to work. He is double-jabbed (and had two negative PCR tests so he can leave the house, whereas I am only single-jabbed so I have to quarantine/self-isolate here). I can work from my bed, catching up on all the emails in my inbox (or just deleting them!) and figuring out the plan for work over the next few weeks (a lot of my colleague are back at work now, but because of my back, I am allowed to continue working from home!)

When I logged into my WordPress account I was shocked at how many comments were waiting for me. It was such a sweet welcome back from WordPress. Thank you so much for commenting on my posts even when I was away. I am trying to work my way through them. I think one of my posts caused some confusion…”Stop And Smell The Flowers”. Guys- I am not going anywhere! I am just aware that I am changing as a person, and that is perhaps reflected in the kind of posts I want to write, and also the kind of posts I want to read. To put it bluntly – I just ain’t interested in seeing your crown jewels or your pubic hair….nor the injuries that your bedroom buddy has inflicted on you. It’s just not something I get any enjoyment from or have any interest in.

I am not directing that towards any particular person. I just want to allow myself to be the kind of person, the kind of writer, and the kind of reader that feels great. I am still as smitten as ever with love, romance, fun, poetry, dreaminess and sensuality. Perhaps I have a different definition of erotica than some. I love the tension, the excitement, the sensuality, the fantasy element….but some of the images and descriptions I have seen in my WP Reader are anything but erotic, more like traumatic. As my life changes, and I have a clearer grasp of what is going on in my mind and heart, I want to make decisions that feel great.

So I am going to be here in our Hertfordshire base for just over a week before I can do anything else. That should be plenty of time to rest, and catch up with everything I need to…mostly from the comfort of my bedroom I think.

8 replies on “A WordPress Welcome”

I am with you on not wanting to see other people’s pubes or genitalia on WordPress.

Please keep writing – you are a rockstar! Be you, be a version of you that feels great, keep growing, keep aspiring, keep learning, keep smiling.


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