When did you start blogging and why did you start your blog?

I am publishing August’s FLIRTY FUN question a day early because tomorrow is Song Lyric Sunday. But as usual, please free to drop by at any time to say hello, flirt a little and answer the question I have set this month.

know I started the RASPBERRY RIPPLES site about a year ago because I had learned that one of my friends had a site and I thought it was brilliant. The Pandemic had prevented us from seeing friends, but we were all talking online. I thought it would be a fun hobby while we were unable to do some of the things we normally did.

In addition, I had started writing erotic emails to Ben while he was overseas and a friend told me she had done the same. We merged some of her material, well, she let me have her work, and adapt it to my own storyline. With Ben’s help and advice from my friend, we were able to publish two novellas. I wanted to use this blog to promote them.

Now how about you? When did you start blogging and can you remember why you did so?

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I made my site approx. 3 years back, then I progressed very slowly like 1 blog post in about 1-2 months. Lately, I become consistent and last week I completed my 101 blog posts.

I started this journey because, I believe that life always has two paths to walk, one that everyone told you to walk upon and the other you choose to walk upon. Therefore, I created this space to provide value to the readers from the world of travel, share experience and ultimately keep learning & growing.

Aha, But, when I started I didn’t know that a WordPress App exists so I joined lately. Haha!

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So nice to hear about your blog Vansh. We should always be learning and growing.

I have seen adverts for the WordPress App. I do all my blogging on an old laptop a friend gave me, so I ave not used the App yet. I imagine it will be very popular.


Wow, Marie, I admire so much that you have stuck at blogging and writing for over eleven years. I started blogging thinking it would be a distraction during the lockdowns we have had. I sometimes wonder what will happen to my blog when Ben and I move and we get busy with new jobs and settling into a new home.

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Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever told you my answer to this question. Good one, btw! My blog actually started as a comic-strip fan fiction blog to give myself consistent practice on my writing prose as a fiction writer. Later I enjoyed the idea of sharing my more intimate thoughts in poetic words but shied away from sharing poetry at first. After I posted a few of my poems, I was encouraged by the feedback I got. I posted both poetry and fan fiction on the same blog at first. For me, it was an awakening of a kind as I couldn’t help but share myself in a way that expressed my romantic tendencies and erotic sensuality in words. Thus, the Poet’s Kiss blog was born. It eventually eclipsed the fiction blog and, like a greedy landlord, forced it to move out without notice. Now the fan fiction blog still exists but separately from the poetry blog. They still get along, but happily live in separate homes. ❤

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I started 1st January 2021. When I started out I though it would just be something to do at weekends during the National Lockdown. I got well into it, publishing every day. Then I went on holiday and I have struggled to get back into routine. I am going to as soon as possible though – probably just doing weekends and the Wednesday Writer series for a while. I love preparing posts, but time is sort.

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Jacob, I love your site, especially your Wednesday Writer interviews.

I have sometimes struggled with routine. I try to spend a day preparing lots of posts in advance and scheduling them, which helps my blog keep ticking over even when I have no time for it.


I started this blog three weeks ago. I used to blog years ago and got too busy with studies.
The Pandemic has meant working all the hours under the sun for me. Now I have a summer break I thought I would try this blogging malarkey again.

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I started to blog back in March. I wanted a place to escape mentally, a place to dream. It was a lovely escape for me, but it is hard to find the time and peace of mind to write. I am finding listening to classical music is more of an escape for me at the moment, but I hope to return to writing and dreaming with words. I love reading what other bloggers have published.

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July 2007. Since I received my first adult spanking, in 1984, I had led a very secretive lifestyle with my kink. Playing only with only very discreet people and small amateur groups. I got sick and tired of hiding my emotions and feelings on the subject. Although I did not and still do not, have any desire to go full “Scene”, the blog does give me a chance to have a small say in the world. Even if it is to not so many people now as it once was. And it is always good to network with the like-minded


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It’s nice to have a space where you can be honest and communicate openly. I have found writing on this blog has been very cathartic and sometimes helped me to figure out what goes on between my ears. Plus when other people register with you and tell you how much they appreciate your posts in comments, it is the cherry on top of the cake.

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I started my blog in 2012. I had originally started with blogger, but closed that within a month and started my WordPress the same month. I wrote mostly about current events and ghosts because I had been venturing to write a ghost story and maybe a book. Well that didn’t happen and then I suffered an eight year block where nothing happened.
Well the pandemic was my catalyst to start writing again. And write I did. The ghost story is still on the shelf, but instead of ghost stories, sex is my current storyline. It seems to be very cathartic for me and sometimes it even helps in the bedroom. Most of my stuff is fiction. Even when I mention my darling wife, it is fiction nonetheless.

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I totally agree with the cathartic side to writing. I thought when I started out blogging that it would be 99% fiction and some poetry. I am really surprised at how much I started to open up and share my personal experiences. But there is something healthy about that.

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I started my blog end of 2016. I have always wanted to be a writer and with life and everything else I figured that with a blog I would be able to write the things that I wanted to write and hoped people would enjoy it as well. An outlet for myself. 🙂

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I started in early spring. I love blogging, but things were so busy at work, and then I started going out with friends more when we were allowed to, and then I started spending more time with Hugh. I have not been anywhere near as regular with posting as I was when I started. But I am ok with that. I like my blog, but I love my life and so I think I needed to find the right balance and not worry about putting pressure on myself.

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It can be hard to find the time. I find that scheduling things way ahead helps my blog keep ticking over even when I am super busy.
But at the end of the day Zoe – blogging is just a hobby. You have a lot of lovely things happening in your life right now….you should always prioritise on real life….xx


It’s been almost three and a half years since I started blogging. I was sending long emails to friends with stories of my life at that time. I was told “you ought to start a blog”. I was not sure what a blog was….but I found out! Much more enjoyable than I would ever have imagined and I am so glad that starting a blog led to me publishing the LEARNERS AT LOVE series. Writing is so good for you.


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