One Year Anniversary

Yesterday, I was notified by WordPress that it is a whole year since I started blogging. How about that!! I did not think I would stick it out!!!

Thanks to Ben for being my communications manager and deleting all the freaky comments from scary people. Many thanks to Mel for teaching me so much about blogging and Noo for keeping an eye on me and always giving me her honest opinion if I was losing the plot. Thank you to all the lovely bloggeroos who have been so awesome and welcoming – especially my favourite blogger Gentleman Dave – who makes my pulse quicken with his beautiful words.

Time to go crazy and party!!

25 replies on “One Year Anniversary”

I am sure I would have given up ages ago without Ben.
So…I don’t know if you already saw, but my lovely friend Mel published a post plugging one of your books yesterday. I told her she would enjoy the two books under your writing name Sarah Fennell and she downloaded one straight away.

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