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Sex Sells #48

It may surprise you that so far in the SEX SELLS series, we have yet to feature any kind of commercial advertising for condoms. Well, Trojan Condoms have an interesting way of making their product memorable.

Both scenarios in these two commercials have a slightly surprising twist – I don’t want to drop any spoilers here, and the advice Trojan give is to always keep some Trojan in your car’s glovebox.

I was not sure how I felt about these adverts when I first saw them, but they grew me. There is an element of cleverness in this concept. I think Trojan avoided some of the normal pitfalls of using sex to sell your products, which considering they depend on people having sex to make any kind of turnover, I think I have to give them credit for coming up with something a little different.

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The first time I watched them, I felt a sense of cringe too. But when I compared them with other adverts from similar companies, I realized they were one of the few who tried something different. The companies have gone for almost identical formats, so I looked these commercials with a fresh perspective, and once I was past the initial feeling of annoyance at the male main character, I saw something a little clever in the way the ads were put together,

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There is something funny…yes…my first reaction was to be cross with the main character, but I definitely see the humour in these concepts and I think the idea is more original than a lot of other adverts for condom manufacturers.

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