Melody Finch aka Caramel is part of a trio of bloggers who host the annual GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF. She has asked us to send in our baking photographs to her email address:

They will be featuring baking photographs from bloggers of all ages and cultures during the weekend of 21/22 August 2021. The theme this year is LOVE. They are asking us to bake from the heart. This is a family fun blogging event and will help us get to know some of the lovely bloggers out there.

Please click the link the image below and it will take you to Mel’s website where you can find out more!


11 replies on “2021 FESTIVAL OF LOVE”

lol – I don’t think my baking is up to any kind of competition standard. I am only taking part for the fun of it. I made some scones for next week – raspberry of course. I am going to make a cake for the bake off too.

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Or….for the sake of old friends. My friend Mel is putting a lot of work into it Lisa and she has roped us into baking. But baking is good. I very rarely bake to be honest. But it is nice to make something and see Ben enjoying it. We made a ridiculous amount of scones so we had to freeze most of them.


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