Singing Sex #38

Although LMFAO are singing about sex or being sexy, this is perhaps one of the most terrifying videos I have ever seen on so many levels!!! The reason I can watch is to catch glimpses of Special Agent Nick Torres from NCIS. What the hell would Leroy Jethro Gibbs say?!!!

It’s the thrusting in those skimpy speedos and the obvious jangling around of the danglers that I cannot bear to watch. Nope – I can’t watch it. Be warned – this video may be disturbing to you!!!

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Well first off your screen must be bigger than mine lmao I am more stupified by the lyrics than anything. The gyrating does nothing for me and there is not much on display to interest me in staring for too long. All in all a big fail. I know it was a big hit song but gawd!!!!!! LOL

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Do you like NCIS Jay-lyn? I read that the guy who plays special agent Torres, and who is in this video, also directed this video. I had no idea he has been connected with so many famous pop stars. I only recognized him as Torres. I knew nothing else about him.


I used to watch it regularly when Tony & Ziva were in it….then I stopped. But occasionally I have caught one of the more recent episodes. I kinda like it….it’s not going to frighten the life out of me like some shows would.


How I perceived the catwalk part of the video – A bunch of people of varying normal body types parodying the mannerisms, in a cartoonishly exaggerated way, of the sort of glamorous folk that we see on screens and in magazines. – It all seemed like an updated version of Pythonesque comedy, to me.

I have no clue what turns up in your Reader feed and so cannot know what influence this has on your perception of the video


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