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Uccello Azzurro E Pettirosso

As the dawn breaks the birds of the forest form a chorus divine. It is rare that a human ear has access to the exquisite symphony that a thousand chirps and warbles can form – an unequaled splendour to leave one entranced.

But of all the feathered creatures who give forth their voice to greet the first warm rays of sunshine, there were two who were utterly charmed by each other.

Uccello azzurro and pettirosso – they could not keep their eyes off each other. The two songbirds fell in love with each other after observing the other’s magnificent performance. As uccello azzurro sang like no other in all the avian kingdom, pettirosso somersaulted with joy, beating her wings wildly in approval and admiration.

Uccello azzurro knew he had many admirers, but he was touched that the pretty pettirosso was quite so taken with him. As time passed and he sensed her devotion to him, he became enamoured at the feathered beauty.

The life of a bird is sometimes hazardous. Sometimes pettirosso would be taken far away from her nest by a harsh wind, and uccello azzurro would dread to think she had been injured, or worse, and may never come back to him. When she finally returned, sometimes with injuries and damaged tail feathers, he would watch over while she rested and tenderly spread his wings over her while she recovered he strength.

Pettirosso was equally effected by uccello azzurro. Such a brave little bird he was, he would fly so high, he would tackle the fiercest winds, he would find the sweetest berries in all the land to bring back to pettirosso. While he was gone, she would start to ache for him and become agitated. She would chirp loudly, “Blue, Blue….where are you? Blue, Blue, come back, come back!”

Image result for robin gif bird

Two of the sweetest songbirds that ever were, mutually admiring each other, drawing comfort from their friendship and always seeking to delight one another.

Hearts that beat faster and stronger than the wings of a bird, will always be true. So remember that Blue.

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