And The Silence…

You remembered that the rusty hinge echoed through the cold air

So you climbed the trellis deftly and dropped down into the square

My heart pounding as I met you, I thought the whole street could hear

Our lips melding together in joy that at last you were near

And the silence of the night made it all the more chilling


We had to be so careful not to wake the nosey neighbours

While you extracted a whole month’s worth of sexual favours

My insides exploding, I had to supress my wanton screams

You left me trembling in the haze of toxic orgasmic dreams

And the silence of our lust made it all the more thrilling


When I said I needed to talk, you just didn’t want to know

You placed your finger upon my lips and screwed me good and slow

It was hard to see you detach as you tried to find your zen

So I asked that stupid question: “when will I see you again?”

And the silence of your glare, it made me desperate for more


When a few weeks later I called you to share the happy news

Did you really try to claim that it was not my right to choose?

I should have insisted on protection, but my nerve failed

Weren’t you the one who laughed and stated “that boat’s already sailed!”

And your silence on the phone, it shook me to the very core


The countless times I wish I’d heeded advice about the dangers

Of abandoning all caution and having sex with near strangers

I’ve plenty of time ahead to rue the years my life was wild

And to ponder how I’m going to explain you to our child

And the silence, the bloody silence from you is deafening

19 replies on “And The Silence…”

Thank you so much Missy!!
I started writing this inspired by a memory of when Simon used to come over to my place at around half past one in the morning, and having to sneak him into my apartment without waking the neighbours. But I had to quarantine for ten days recently after coming back to the UK from an amber country, and I think my mood became quite low, because the second half – which is pure fiction – came from a bitter place.

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Wow! I have not read a poem like that in a long time – that was very emotive. Not just a pretty face are you! You bake scones. You pen moving poetry. I am glad I found your blog Jenna.

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