Raspberry And White Chocolate Scones

Mel told me to make sure I joined in Tandy Sinclair’s (@Lavender & Lime) International Scone Week, which is the 9th-15th August. So of course, I had to make some kind of raspberry scones didn’t I!!

Now I am not the best baker. I think the last time I helped to make scones was about twenty years ago! But I decided I would give it a try. In the end Ben decided to help me because I started to have problems right from the word go! I am partially blaming the recipe for this. I followed this recipe which I found on the National Trust’s website:

Now the eagle eyed amongst you may realize that there is something weird about this recipe. At no point does the method tell you what to do with the 200gr caster sugar! So we ended up adding it right at the end just before we rolled the dough, which I don’t think worked out so well.

Also, a whole kilogram of flour – that made a lot of very big scones. We ended up with a total of eighteen gigantic scones. This recipe seems to designed to fit a rugby team….hmm….now I see the appeal in baking….a team of hungry perspiring muscly men.

Back to the recipe. These are the ingredients I used….

I quickly realized that the bowl I was using was much too small. I don’t do a lot of baking, we cook instead. So Ben had to lift up a large casserole pan out of the cupboard (my poor back would not allow me to do that!) so that I could rub together the flour and butter. Ben decided he would help me out…that was kinda sweet…the two of us with our hands in the scone mix.

So between us we ended up making our eighteen gigantic scones, which we had to bake in batches because we only have two racks in the oven. They took not 15-20 minutes as the recipe had suggested, but 35 minutes to bake.

I will say this….what Ben and I made tasted very very delicious. We had one each, and the rest have gone into the freezer. Ben said they will make nice breakfasts over the next few weeks.

So there you have it a batch of raspberry and white chocolate scones on the RASPBERRY RIPPLES site – my contribution to Tandy’s International Scone Week 2021!


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Thanks Zoe – you can beat him up for me. I am so sorry I missed you two the other week. I was sad to miss Will’s leaving do. We are planning to visit Noo in a couple of weeks. We’ll send a text before to see if you might be around.


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