sex sells

Sex Sells #49

Now, I think Boddingtons have been one of the best examples of getting the balance right when it comes to using sex to sell your products, and tey do it with great humour. This is the only Boddington’s commercial I did not really like. My reason? Look, I am a softie, and I just don’t like unkindness. Telling someone directly that you think they are ugly – nope, I don’t like that.

I understand what they were trying to do. I think it could have been tweaked. You could have had the female actress give the camera a look to indicate she was not relishing the prospect of kissing her co-star. Maybe we could have seen him take a sip of Boddington’s so that she tasted the ale on his lips. I don’t know. But the words she uses…it just took all enjoyment away from the commercial for me.

Still….this is one bad apple. Boddington’s have got it right so many times, I am going to forgive them for this fail.

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