Ballerinas Of The Ocean

I was very pleased when I saw that the current 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION theme is animals. I wish I had memories I could share of pets. Some of the family members I used to stay with when I was away from my parents and pets. When I was in England, I spent a lot of time with relatives who had a lot of land. Personally, I like to see animals with a lot of space, rather than cooped up in a tiny apartment.

They had dogs, cats, chickens, and ponies. They rented out some of their land and so there were also sheep and lamas in some of the fields. There was also the more wild life – deer, foxes, mice, squirrels, pheasants and all sorts of other birds.

When I was over in the US, I saw less of wildlife. I was usually in one of the homes of my parents, and life was all about the city, except when they went sailing. My happiest memories with my parents are out sailing. I loved the water. Sailing trips and swimming lessons created a fascination in me for one creature in particular – dolphins.

I think I was around five years old when I first saw photographs of dolphins and started to watch a popular television show of which the dolphins were the stars. I am not the only one who has been charmed by these astonishing marine beauties. Swimming with dolphins has been the highlight of a vacation for many holiday makers.

As a child, I wanted to be a dolphin. I was a total water baby, and besides swimming, I would surface dive and hold my arms tight against my body, trying to propel myself forwards like dolphins do by flexing the muscles in my stomach and legs back and to.

I still find dolphins quite mesmerizing. I am hooked on watching nature documentaries about marine life, and dolphins always seem to steal the show. They are incredible.

Happy thoughts, swimming in the wild alongside these spectacular ballerinas of the ocean. It’s something that inspires me to go on living forever.

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