Sorting Through Our Belongings

Ben and I are moving. I think I have mentioned that before. We are leaving England, as his contract is soon to end. He has been offered extensions of this contract with financial rewards. He has been offered even more lucrative opportunities by other similar agencies based in the UK. But Ben wants to go home.

During this past year his mother has had two serious health scares. Ben is very uncomfortable with being so far away from his mom. We have been planning our return to the US for months. Ben already has a job lined up in Chicago. They can’t wait to have him. I have been in touch with recruitment contacts I have in Chicago and they assure me they will be able to find something for me.

We will be back before Thanksgiving, so that we can spend the holidays with Ben’s family. Before then, we are hoping that maybe my surgery can be performed here in the UK, but that is looking less likely as the days fly by.

Since we came back to our little base here in Hertfordshire, I have made a start at putting some of our belongings on eBay. It is slightly strange. We have been happy here. Due to the Pandemic, we have ended up spending a lot of time in this house as we were to work from home for most of 2020, and much of 2021 too. We put a lot of effort into the garden so we could have friends over, and I still feel we have not been able to enjoy it as much as we would have hoped. Still, we have a very pretty garden now.

Then there is my closet…

I have been giving away some of my dresses and shoes to friends over the past couple of weeks. I have too many things in my closet. Ben has said we need to think about reducing the amount we sent over to the US by freight. I quite like the idea that my friends will wear a dress that I gave them and they will remember me.

But it is hard. It is. I want to be with Ben. I am looking forward to being close to his family. Yet at the same time, it is hard to say goodbye to some of the closest friends I have ever had. Sorting through our belongings, deciding which to keep, which to give to friends, which to put on eBay – it is actually quite an emotional process, one that I don’t think I was really ready for.

In my mind, I have put off our move back the US to the end of the year. But now….well, now it is less than three months until we move. It’s suddenly becoming a very emotional situation.

Moving is one thing. It means getting onto a plane and several hours later, getting off the plane and going to your new digs. But these weeks of emotion that are going to proceed that flight. Saying goodbye to everything and everyone – it’s going to be hard. I didn’t realize until now just how hard it is going to be.

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The next couple of months will no doubt be hard ones, Jenna, but keep your eye on the prize on the other side. The last time I moved was in 2004, and I cleared out so much unnecessary stuff. I need to move again to go through all the things we have accumulated over the past years πŸ˜‰
I wish you success and strength for the months to come.
~ Marie xox

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It will be good for me to have a sort out Marie, but it is stirring up memories and strong emotions. It will be alright. It’s just part of a journey, a voyage, and I have to be able to sail through all sorts of waters and keep moving foward.

Thank you so much for your kind words….xx

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I wish you so much luck on this new adventure. It’s gotta be so hard to not just move but move across the pond. Take the time to purge it’s such a good feeling to clean out so you can start anew

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Thank you Storm – change is always a challenge I guess – I have to put a brave face on and keep my eyes fixed on the goals Ben and I have for our future. I feel a sense of home here somehow…more so than anywhere else. But they say home is where the heart is – so I need to think about how we are going to build a home together.

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Thank you May…xx Lots to do before we move…I am getting on with it now, a little at a time, because my back is not going to limit how much strength I have for this. But it is going to draw out the goodbye. I have a feeling that three months is going to fly by!


Aww darlin’, moving is always hard but the end result will be worth the emotional journey you travel to get there. While it can never be the same as being in a room with a person, we are all so fortunate to have the internet and the ability to zoom, face time, video call etc, so all of those friends you feel like you are leaving behind, don’t, you are taking them with you on your phone, your laptop, tablet and a Wi-Fi connection. They are but a call away Miss Pink.
Build a new beautiful garden for your new friends and family in the US. Because it’s you, they are guaranteed to come. Much love to you Miss Pink. We shall all be here waiting when you arrive on the other side of both your surgery and your move. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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