Change Your View

If you see a pretty face, a svelte body with curves in all the right places, petal-soft skin, silken glossy hair, firm thighs, taut calves, sweet dimples, a pert behind – well if that is all you see – then you need to change your view.

You need to be able to see my soul. You need to know this lively mind, the values, the dreams, the passions, the convictions that make me who I am. You need to recognize the courage, the endurance, the empathy, the integrity that have lit up the flame within.

I am the product of a million conscious choices, a hundred thousand deliberately habitual actions. I have chosen to be me. The person I am is multi-layered, and rich in experience. The person I am has been through storms, and recovered from them, and has continued voyaging through life with her head held high.

There is a reason I am who I am. If you cannot see below the surface and value the whole of me, the mind, the heart, the soul that makes up me – then I suggest you find one of these websites that sell inflatable intimate companions – because it shows you are as empty as they are.

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Como mi ingles no es muy bueno utilizo el traductor de google

I think it is one of the most sincere post and so well written because of how concrete and accurate it is, that I really appreciate this publication. Certainly we are multifaceted beings, poly loving beings, beings with something more than a beautiful image or not. Namaste.

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