What Would I Bake For You?

If only I had spent more time in the kitchen, developing my patisserie skills, then I could create something to tempt you!!

Of course, I would choose your favourite flavours, the fruit that delights your palate. I would make the pastry delicate, but that perfect balance of buttery crumbliness that provides the perfect encasing for the delicious filling.

With careful concentration, I would adorn my baking creation with intricate decorations to make it something exquisite to gaze upon. I would serve it to you with a shy smile, and hope you would find it the yummiest bake you have ever eaten!!!

I would do that for you and more….if only I were an accomplished baker! You’s have to be out running and swimming all day long because of all the delights I would be baking for you – baking from a heart full of love.

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