The Festival Of Love Is Awesome!!

I have had so much fun today! My friend Mel has been working so hard on posts so for THE GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE OFF. It started about twenty four hours ago, but is scheduled to go on for at least another twenty four hours.

One of the highlights for me was when they featured the amazing Gentleman Dave as one of their special guest poets!! I was so thrilled to see his BAKE OFF poem!

This is the post they published in the BAKE OFF to introduce him to all their readers:

My peanut butter and strawberry “fish cake” has also made it’s appearance on the BAKE OFF. But the other bakers are so much better than I am. They are all so sweet though. I am loving all the comments people are leaving on my fish cake post.

I also love their playlist post WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE LOVE SONG? It’s so cool to see everyone taking part.

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