Today Is The Day We Have All Been Waiting For!!!

In recent weeks, kitchens all over the world have been a whirlwind of activity, as bloggers prepared a baking creation for The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. Well, this weekend is the showcase for all of the amazing bloggers who have been busy baking and sending in their photos to Mel, Gary and Jeanne.

WordPress is going to turn into a giant foodie festival – a Festival Of Love in fact – as this year, bloggers were asked to bake from the heart.

Look out for my raspberry scones and for my amazing fish-cake!!!

Please visit the sites of the bloggers taking part and be friendly. This is a chance to discover lots of really lovely bloggers who make up the international blogging community. As well as the baking creations, there are some special guest poets and some other treats in store. At the end of the weekend, Jeanne will be announcing who has won the Star Baker accolade.

Click the image below and it will take you to Caramel’s site – where you can see all of the bakes in The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off!!

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