The Patchwork Of Love

I had a real privilege at the weekend. I was able to help with preparing the graphics for THE GREAT BLOGGERS PATCHWORK OF LOVE – a collaboration of over a hundred people, mostly bloggers, who answered on question – WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO YOU?

The result is amazing. Please do take a look at the post that Mel published on her blog, it is very special:


The image I used at the start of this post – well, that was pretty much my reply. I did add another paragraph, but Mel asked me to trim it down to just one sentence.

Why did I give that reply? Well, because my parents are still not willing to talk to me. But I don’t want to give up. This is a hard situation to endure. But all I can do is hope things will change and keep on loving.

I asked Ben how he would reply to the question, and his answer I have included below. By the way, Ben is not the one who is terrified.

Love means something different to everyone I guess. I loved reading the replies of other bloggers. It was fascinating and also very moving.

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