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You Took Me To Paradise

During a time I was confined, imprisoned, or in other words “quarantining”, you took me many thousands of miles away to a place where my entire soul was in bliss.

You were holding my hand tightly as we explored those exquisite islands, as we allowed sun and breeze, surf and sand, to charm us into a vulnerable state. It became intoxicating, the pure beauty of it all, the songs that plucked at my heart strings, the confusion and anticipation stirring up dreams of a far-away place, an exotic existence, a life of wonder.

Into it I dived, holding my breath I swam down. The deeper I descended the more there was to entrance me. Layers of previously unknown and unexpected surprises were revealed to me. I found a haven of safety and warmth and the truest of loves.

All the treasures of the ocean were arrayed before me, and I beheld them with amazement. It went to my head, I felt as if you had opened up a hidden world to me, for my own private discovery.

I had to wake up. I had to pinch myself hard and remember. It is fiction, although at times I wish it were as real as it is possible to be in a world of mirrors and trapdoors.

The end of my quarantine came at the right time. The stark bright of daylight mocking me for becoming engrossed in a mirage, in a dream, in a fantasy.

Confusing – always – it’s a vulnerable soul that whispers and knows she will be heard thousands of miles away, “I think I am like a child, in that I sometimes lose track of what is fact and what is fiction. I am scared, because I tend to believe every word, and then feel deep shame upon realizing that it was all in my head. How I love the dream, the mirage we create, the escape from stresses – but I need to touch base with the real world.”

Thank you for taking me to paradise.

It was breathtaking.

8 replies on “You Took Me To Paradise”

I so needed this read. We went into full lockdown in NZ last week, and except for going to the grocery or pharmacy or essential work, we are stuck at home. And today was my last day of work…….Thank you.

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We moved to a lower level on the South Island today (Wednesday). We can now go to the stores, or out to eat and drink with masks on…..hopefully only a week or so and are back to our previous normal.


Ahh, this is bliss! The first photo, yes… Floating there and dreaming and caught up in the dream as if it were reality. I love it, too. The good news is that just as with sea water, when the time is right again, you can go back in for a dip. ❤

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