SLS – Phony

Jim has picked an interesting Song Lyric Sunday theme today. I had to search for a song to fit the words he chose, and I came across a song I do vaguely remember.

In the UK, one of these X-Factor type shows ran a competition to form two groups, a boy band and a girl band. I think we might be talking twenty years ago now. They then both released singles at the first time to see which group were the more popular. The girls won of course. The girl group were called Girls Aloud.

I have to admit, this song makes me roll my eyes a little. Every teenage girl needs to hear these lyrics – NOT!! I am sure that these girls released better singles than this one. Still….it has the word “phony”, so it is my song choice for today.

Daddy told me look into the future
Sit at your computer, be a good girl
And Mama said remember your a lady,
Think before your play and straighten your curls,

Well everybodys talking like I’m crazy
Dangerous and lazy girl with no soul
But I’ve seen it all from where I’m hiding
Baby cause I’m sliding, out of control

Here I go, off the road crank the stereo
I flick my finger to the world below
Here I am, dirty hands, I don’t give a damn
Shut your mouth because it might show

I don’t need no good advice
I’m already wasted
I don’t need some other life
Cold and complicated
I don’t need no Sunday trips
Tea and sympathising
I don’t need no special fix
To anaesthetise me

Daddy always told me to remember,
Leave the boys, till later, don’t you drop down
Mama said I’d never get to heaven
Hanging till eleven, with the wrong crowd

Everybody’s talking like I’m only
Just another phony girl who got played
But I dig the music that I’m making
Baby, and I’ll break it into your brain

I don’t need no good advice
No well intentioned sacrifice
I don’t need no Sunday trips
No chocolate box or speed for kicks
Hell I don’t need no beauty sleep
No need to count those dirty sheep
And I don’t need no bedtime prayer
Cos frankly I don’t even care

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