Profoundly Alone

You told me there rarely is a meaningful reason

Adding that most things only last for a brief season

You preached to me that life is solely about pleasure

And that we can sin in haste and repent at leisure

I begin to understand that your words make no sense

You invented them, put them round your heart as a fence

Scared of failure and betrayal you refused to trust

And sold your soul to a life of perversion and lust

Now that you feel nothing in either caress or kiss

The inside of you has become a charcoal abyss

Your regrets will be bitter, your whole being will moan

When you comprehend that you are profoundly alone

6 replies on “Profoundly Alone”

Thank you Cliff. I am not sure quite where this came from, except that someone I loved told me that he did not believe in love, and that life is only about pleasure. I think he is happy at the moment, and I love him very much, I would never wish this kind of loneliness upon him. But I sometimes wonder how he will feel ten/twenty years from now. We are still very close friends, and I want to stay in touch with him so I can always make sure he knows he is loved. I wonder if one day he will need to know that.

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You are welcome. I wondered if somehow was someone you knew. It is sad for him, hopefully he will learn the errors of his ways.


He is happy with his choices. I love him very much. I sometimes wonder if later in life he will wish he had someone. The bachelor life must be fun when you are a certain age, but does there come a point when you want someone who lives for you?

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Reading your poem, I thought that many people, and to some extent me, live as if they are writing a solution to a problem on a draft, implicitly thinking that by rewriting it cleanly they will be able to correct mistakes and inaccuracies. Imagine disappointment when the realization comes that life (or part of it) has been lived and there will be no second chance.

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