September’s FLIRTY FUN


What does love mean to you?

This question may seem familiar to you. Last month it was featured by Caramel in The Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. She had replies from around two hundred people in total, some of whom gave the same answers as each other. I helped Mel putting the replies to graphics, so she could weave together patchwork of love. All in all, I think there were around one hundred and thirty different responses.

I think we were both very touched and also intrigued at the variety ways different people from around the world expressed their feelings towards “love”. I asked Mel if I could use the same question for one of my FLIRTY FUN posts and she had no issue with that. So, here we are. I would be fascinated to know what love means to you.

21 replies on “September’s FLIRTY FUN”

I thought this was such a wonderful idea during the Bake Off.
For me love means kindness in action. Love is not just a feeling – it has to be a live, empowering force like electricity. It moves you do or give or help or say something that will make a difference to someone else. It sometimes means doing what someone doesn’t want – like the way being a parent involves teaching your children and correcting them. You love them and so you try to help them to be a better person.

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Love makes everything more beautiful.
…and it is also when your sister lets you borrow her shoes and handbag ❤
…and it is when your boyfriend sits through a musical he obviously thinks is kack!
…and it when you had a lousy day and moan to your mum all the way home, and when you walk through the front door, she has your favourite meal waiting for you.

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I think love can be so many different things. For many it it involves almost devotion, making sacrifices for someone or something. But sometimes love can be misguided. If you love the wrong person or the wrong things – putting them before everything else, sacrificing time and energy, it can turn out to be a negative thing. But if you love something that is good, well, love turns out to be a positive.

I think what I am trying to say is that love needs to be not just blind heartfelt rush of emotion or sentimentality. The best kind of love is based on sense and reason and principles.

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I am now way too cynical to answer this nicely – so l will simply say love is as love was as is love is for each individual in love at the time.

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