sex sells

Sex Sells #53

This week we have a treat in store…one of the most iconic adverts ever made. Levis 501 know how to make a sexy commercial. They pick the right music, they create a scene, crank up the tension, and their male stars always play the role with utter cooldom.

I don’t need to say much more about the original…I am sure you have seen it before. One of the most iconic sexy commercials of all time!

But have you seen the Carling Black Label Beer commercial? Wait for the little twist at the end to make you smile.

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Sex sells but I’m not buyin it anymore.

Sometimes people get wrapped up in the packaging and ignore the content of the package itself.

A tight pair of jeans promoting a tight ass or a person wearing a sexy pair of sunglasses and greased back hair is more crass than sexy.

How did the female model get into those skin tight jeans and who does the oil hange on the guy’s hair?

Forgive me if I seem jaded but advert hype is more product oriented than sexual!


Hey GC

I think you are right and now every marketing course I do for work comes with warnings that in the modern age sexy commercials can miss the mark and be a disaster.

When I first studied marketing, we had to analyse lots of marketing campaigns and although we all had a personal reaction to them, we were reminded that the most successful campaigns were those that led to lots more sales. One of the keys to advertising being memorability. Some commercials were so successful they have become iconic, part of marketing halls of fame. Almost everyone remembers some of Levi’s adverts, whether or not they bought a pair of jeans for themselves.

I have been running this series for about a year, and at first I was tempted to include what I could find about the success from a business point of view of the commercials, but to be honest, the blog is more for fun than work, so I decided to just note down my personal reaction to each advert.

This advert I know made me stop what I was doing and watch, and I did want to be seen in a pair of Levis, so it totally worked on me.

Nowadays, I think there is less and less sex sells advertising because it is not working anymore and because it is much more likely to irritate people in one way or another. It amazes me that for so many decades so many companies – from Cadbury’s to Boddingtons, SpecSavers to Microsoft, tyre manufacturers to pharmaceutical giants all tried to market their products with sexy campaigns. I wonder how they got away with it for so long?


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