fantasy fiction

Smiling Kisses

I had a dream about you recently. It started out as mundane as can be. We were hanging out, eating breakfast, looking at each other’s writing, making suggestions, praising each other shamelessly, our feet snuggling under the table.

After a morning of concentrating on editing, we decided we deserved the chance to relax. We went for a walk, hand in hand, around our garden, breathing in the scent of the forest and enjoying the golden embers of the late summer sky. I started to falter, you had to catch my arm so I did not give way. We both knew it was time to return indoors, so that I could lay down and rest.

These afternoon naps have become one of the most important parts of the day. My body seems to need that break. I rested my head against your shoulder, and could feel the vibrations of your heart beat travelling along your collar bone. It felt so safe to be with you. I closed my eyes knowing you were there, you were warm, you were sweet.

I have no idea how long I rested for, but it felt good. Once awake, I stretched out my limbs and felt energised. The dull pain in my back reminded me I was still mortal. You were not there. I sat up with a sense of panic. Where had you gone? I called out your name and you appeared at the doorway, a warm beaming smile spread across your face. You had two cups of hot tea in your hands.

We sat on the edge of the sofa sipping the steaming fragrant tea. I turned to you and told you something I never grow tired of saying, “You know I love you, don’t you?”

“I love you too Jenna, truly,” were your words. You put your arm around my shoulder and we rested our temples together.

I don’t know how it happened, it was not something we discussed. But over the next few minutes, there were little gestures, fingers interlocking, subdued groans, noses touching, deep penetrating gazes. Our lips touched very tenderly, barely at all. Neither of us could help but grin. Less than half a minute later, those smiles merged into kisses. Both of needing to taste the jasmine on each other’s lips and tongue. The kisses melting into smiles, the smiles giving way to kisses.

It was lovely. It was just a lovely dream. It was what I think it should be for two friends who adore each other – lips meeting in smiling kisses teasing like the rays of sun tease the ocean waves. It was delicious, and it felt right.

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😊🤗🌹💓❤️☺️🎊❣️💗Yes write everything, which makes you happy. God bless you 🙂☺️


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