The Phenomenal Aunt Noo!

Ben is away walking up hills with some friends this weekend. I am glad for him. We have had to cancel some of our plans for weekends away because of my health, so I am very pleased Ben can see parts of the UK that I really wanted him to enjoy while we were here.

So, my wonderful friend and confidant Noo is with me all weekend. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I still have so much “sorting” to do before we move. Noo is very practical so she is just the person to help me. Plus, I am panicking over my surgery next week, and Noo is such a source of strength to me.

Noo is not my real aunt, but I met her when I was a child and used to call her by that term. So, it stuck. Although nowadays, it’s often just “Noo”. Short for Netty Noo….short for Aunty Annette.

This is likely to be the last chance I can spend quality time with Noo before we move to the US. Her nephew is moving back in soon, and she may not be able to come and spend a whole weekend with me. It means so much to have this time together.

Have a great weekend whatever you end up to!

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