Publishing And Promoting

So you wrote an erotica novel and decided to publish it on Amazon Kindle – how will your racy book end up in the hands of the great unsuspecting public?

I missed one word out of the title to this post deliberately – SELF. Many writers on WordPress have been through the journey of writing a novel, developing characters and storyline, the labour involved in editing, and after all that effort finally holding a copy of your own book in their hands. However, anyone who chooses to self-publish their novel knows that the hard work has only just begun.

Promoting your book after self-publishing is an awful task!! It feels so wrong! I have often worked with marketing teams who were working on advertising for various companies I have worked for. I have learnt useful tips from them on branding and media promotions, but I still detest having to promote my own product – my three romantic erotic novellas.

Yet, I know this failing to promote your work, is like a theatre company rehearsing for months, spending time on producing costumes and sets and then finally lifting the curtain for a live performance – but not a single person being in the audience because they did not advertise their production. It just does not make any sense at all!!

So…I know that many of us just want to write and edit….but if you cannot accept that advertising, marketing, promoting your work is 99% of the process of self-publishing – well, basically you are doing it all for your own sheer pleasure – like a theatre company who just like prancing around on stage and don’t care if there is no audience.

Yep – the harsh truth is self-publishing means shameless self-promotion!

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Ohhh you are so right – but it feels so cringey to promote yourself. But yep I like your parallel of a play with no audience. Reviews are important too – but great post.

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This is one of the reasons why my book has never been a success, even though it’s been published by a publishing company – they never did anything regarding marketing. I had to do it myself, and I am just not a marketing person. But you are right, Jenna. Then it’s bound to fail…
~ Marie xox

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