I Am Frightened

I am finding it hard to write about this. But I am frightened. Please hold my hand. Please tell me wonderful things about love and romance and adventure. Distract me. Please. Take my mind away from hospitals and surgeons and all sorts of scary possibilities.

I am so tired.

But I cannot sleep because I am frightened.

23 replies on “I Am Frightened”

Oh sweetheart, this made me so sad for you when I read it, giant hugs darling girl, it will all be over soon enough and then you can mend and get ready for the exciting new chapter in your life with Ben. Try not to worry too much, it doesn’t help at all and it can hinder your recovery. Stay positive sweetie, lift your chin and tell yourself you’ve got this! Thinking of you, Gem. xxx

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Think positive thoughts Jenna – and remember 3 years with wonderful Ben and many more to come – that’ll have you be at peace.

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