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Photographing A Movie Star

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

“To the left a little, chin up, good, hold that. Tilt your head a little, look straight at the camera, and look down, good. Let’s try a smile, ok, and close your eyes, and now open, look right, and down, and now straight at the camera. Good. Ok, I think that’s a wrap.”

I put my camera down and turned towards the coffee machine, desperate for something to wake me up. The hangover I knew I deserved with the amount of liqueur I had consumed at the after-party the night before was giving me one hell of a headache.

A hand touching my arm startled me. Poppy Fielding was right next to me pouting as much as she had in the photoshoot. I asked her, “Do you want a coffee?”

She flashed me a huge smile, “I just wanted to say thanks for the shoot. You’re easy to work with. Some photographers are so random and never seem happy. You had a clear vision of what you wanted.”

Inwardly I laughed. If she had any idea of how blurry my vision was after all the vodka martinis I had downed last night, she would not think so. My only intention was to get the photoshoot over with as quickly as possible so I could get back to my apartment and rest. Responding with as much pleasantry as I could muster, I told her, “All my pleasure.”

I took a large sip of coffee and enjoyed the shock of caffeine entering my system. Poppy was gazing at me with those big wide eyes of hers. I felt so rough, but I was not imagining this, there was something more she wanted to say and something told me she was attempting to flirt with me.

“Are you doing anything later on? I’d love to have a, well, a drink perhaps? Or something?”

“Am I doing anything later on? Do you mean tonight?”

“Tonight would be great.”

Feeling a little surprised by the idea of Poppy Fielding asking me out, I felt a slight grip of nerves in my stomach. I was not the type to be starstruck, I had photographed all sorts of celebrities in my career, and had plenty of friends who were in the acting or music industry to be able to boast that I had famous friends. The thing about Poppy was that she was gorgeous, especially with those deep red glossy lips that were only a few inches away from my own.

Coming to my senses, I replied, “Can’t do tonight, I’m covering the awards. I’ll be working all evening and late into the morning.”

Poppy looked disappointed, “I fly out to Ireland tomorrow.”

“For filming?”

She nodded, “What about this afternoon? Could we have lunch?”

I sighed, “Can I be honest with you? I feel like death warmed up right now. We partied hard last night and my head feels like it weighs a ton. I just want to shower and sleep all afternoon before work tonight.”

Poppy looped her index finger through a gap in my shirt, “I’m staying at the Beverley Wilshire. The suite I’m in has a great shower and a very comfortable bed.”

Raising my eyebrows, I replied, “Movie stars are all the same – only good for a quick shag.” Perhaps it was the mix of the caffeine, the very forward invitation I was receiving from this slim, petite, beautiful woman and the thought of how much closer the hotel was than my apartment that made me have second thoughts about Poppy’s invitation. I looked straight at her, “I do need some sleep though.”

She whispered into my ear and I felt my arousal kick in as her breath tickled me, “I’ll be gentle.”

I looked at the time on my phone, “Fielding, I’m yours for the next six hours – at least four of which I plan to be unconscious.”

Five minutes later we were in the back of a black car speeding up Rodeo Drive towards the hotel.

I tried to ignore her as she leant over, nibbling the outside of my ear and sliding her hand into my jeans to tease me. I only responded to her once we were inside Poppy’s suite. Poppy still had that bright red Max Factor lipstick from the photoshoot. She was simply ravishing. My hangover was clearing under the potent intoxication of this fragrant lustrous delight of a creature. I cast my eyes down at her slim body and that black dress. Boldly, I lifted the fabric of her dress to reveal a peach thong. I tugged at it firmly and admired her, “After I have showered, I am going to enjoy playing with this pretty pussy.”

She was unbuttoning my shirt at the same time as she kissed me with great energy. I felt Poppy pushing me backwards, and then realized she was guiding me towards the bathroom. Clothes dropped off the both of us. It was not long before glorious warm water was pummelling my back. Poppy rubbed soap and water over her face and hair to get rid of the thick caking of cosmetics and hair spray she had been smothered with for the photoshoot. I admired her from behind and began to feel a strong desire for her perfectly gentle curves. She was so sweet and petite, I wanted to lift her up and carry her to the bed.

Soon, Poppy’s arms hands and arms were all over me, soaping every inch of my skin and massaging rhythmically. I admit that I was enjoying Poppy taking the lead, tiredness still stifling my energy. Pushing her back against the tiles, I pressed my lips into hers, teasing my tongue with hers, at the same time pushing the tops of my fingers where I knew she would melt. It was fun to see her groan and tremble – I suspect she was over-acting, just like she does in her movies.

I was glad to be out of the shower and landing on the king-sized bed. I just wanted to relax into the covers and sleep. But first of all I was going to have to get the sex over with. As Poppy climbed up onto the bed, she was still dripping with water. She prowled up over me and began to rub herself against me. I grinned up at her, “This is a nice bed and that was a nice shower.”

Poppy took hold of my wrists and held them back against the sheets. She lowered her face to mine and kissed my forehead, “Stop talking. You’re tired, so just lay still and be a good girl.”

As Poppy kissed my neck, my fingers explored her. As her tongue sucked my left nipple into her warm mouth, I murmured, “I can be as good or as naughty as you like. Could you tell during the shoot that I was imagining you without that horrid black dress?”

“Two very hard nipples poking through your shirt gave me an idea of what you were thinking. I could see you were turned on, which was great because as soon as I saw the size of your boobs I decided I was going to try to seduce you. I cannot resist huge beauties like these,” Poppy’s hands tried to grasp at my large breasts. Her face seemed to light up as she played with my nipples with her finger tips and watched them respond to her touch.

For the next hour, we made the most of each other, both aware that it was a shameless one-off and we were unlikely to ever see each other again. Well, I was sure to see Poppy Fielding on cinema screens and on the front of glossy magazines, but this was very likely the only time we would ever have sex together. It was tender and yet lusty, we wanted to taste everything we could and try every sexual act we knew between us. It was obvious Poppy was a Pilates devotee – she was very easy to manoeuvre.

Eventually, I curled up with every part of me tingling and groaned to Poppy that I needed to close my eyes for a while. I think I managed a couple of hours of sleep, although I was occasionally awoken by the sensation that Poppy had latched onto me and was sweetly sucking my nipple. When I woke up, we had a rushed half hour fond farewell, enough to make each other shake with orgasmic glee. I knew I had to leave to pick up my camera and security pass for the awards show that evening.

I dressed and left Poppy’s hotel room, realizing she had never even asked me what my name was. That’s movie stars for you – only ever good for a quickie.

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I was not sure whether to let the reader decide for themselves whether the photographer was male or female. It’s not my cup of tea Gemma to write about two women, so I have to write a story as if it could be a man, but leave out “he” or any references to it being a man, and then throw in the surprise at the end.


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