My Shocking Superpower

When I saw that the 4 THOUGHTS or FICTION prompt was “SUPERPOWERS”, my mind was blank. Perhaps it is because I have been feeling rather pathetic for so very long, barely able to walk down the road without pain than makes me kinda waddle. I had surgery recently…and now I have a course of treatment ahead to try to eliminate the remainder of the naughty lump in my back that has been slowing me down for months. But I am in serious fighter mode right now….we are going to fight this naughty lump and we are going to win. I will walk painlessly again – I am determined!!!

Ben told me to write about the Cat Woman costume I wore at a costume party I went to that he said made me the most memorable attendee at the party. Ben and I were not going out back then. He went to the party as James Bond – which was a total cop-out if you ask me. He just wore a tux and made sure there was a martini in his hand all night. I do remember that people kept on grabbing my tail and asking me if it was a butt plug – which it wasn’t, it was just sown onto the outside of the costume. Ben says that wearing that Cat Woman costume meant I was not just that fit blonde his brother had once dated, but the woman Ben would never be able to get out of his mind until he knew her better.

The only superpower I can think of is my ability to shock Ben. I think he has got used to it. He has said that life will never be boring with me. Just when he thinks everything is going smoothly in our life….something happens to me, and it causes a huge wave of stress and disruption to Ben’s routine. Take this naughty lump that just appeared out of nowhere. It has thrown a massive spanner in all of the plans we had.

In the three years that I have been with Ben, he has had numerous shocks. It’s as if I am a magnet for bizarre challenges that will stretch Ben in ways he never imagined. Ben tells me that every challenge, every test, that comes along just makes him sure he loves me and that he will work things out to make sure we get through the difficulties that arise.

So there we have it – my shocking superpower, a magnetic ability to attract troublesome challenges that will shock Ben and cause havoc in what would otherwise be an organised and calm life. Ben tells me he would not change anything…..which makes my superpower the ability to turn a good man’s life upside down into a whirlwind of disruption and inconvenience – and yet – he remains madly in love with me. Hmm….not bad for a superpower!

5 replies on “My Shocking Superpower”

That may be the best superpower I’ve heard of! You two are a wonderful co-operative.
I’m glad you’re feeling positive and ready to fight off the repercussions of the lump – here’s to full fitness very soon lovely one.


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