Fighting When You Are Exhausted

Everyday, people I know and love and am grateful for use an expression that is starting to annoy me:

“Stay positive!”

I understand why they are saying it. But I am so tired, so very tired. These months of struggling with my mobility, the anxiety over my diagnosis, the surgery and now the treatment ahead of me – I just want to crawl into the back of a cave and hibernate until it is all over.

Ben has learnt to stop telling me to be positive. He has switched to a new phrase, “We are going to fight this Jenna”, he tells me. I like that he says “we”. I don’t feel I have the strength within me to fight anything. I am exhausted. But Ben is strong, and he is a great source of strength to me.

For him, I will keep fighting.

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Keep fighting Jenna, there is strength all around you from your friends that you can draw from too. Lean on us, talk to us, shout at us, throw a temper tantrum, get angry, get sad, get hysterical if you need to. Just keep fighting. We will all be here ready to catch you and help you get back up. Much love darling girl. ❀❀❀

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I know things are very scary right now, I know you have some tough times ahead but baby steps darling, one day at a time and before long you will be so close to the end of this health nightmare you will be able to see good times looming. Don’t look at the long road, look at today’s road, it’s the only one you need to focus on. Everything else will happen when it’s supposed to. I wish there was a magic wand I could wave to make all of this go away for you, there isn’t, just know I’m always here for you. ❀❀❀


I know exactly what you mean, Jenna. In the past months after my husband’s stroke and with the consequent cancer diagnosis, I have heard the term many times. I know they mean well, and I really appreciate it, but it’s so tiring to hear it all the time. Do this the way that works for you, together with Ben.
~ Marie xox

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Well if stay positive is becoming a pita – why not look at the alternatives … stay focused, keep a bright outlook or my very favourite that l say to myself all the time – “Keep smiling matey, what else can go wrong?” πŸ™‚

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I like that Rory.
I am finding I have needed to have reasons – littler goals than I had before – to help me feel as if each day is not a complete waste. Ben has helped me to develop a different sense of purpose – things I can do and feel proud about. He is happy to help out with all the things I cannot do at the moment.

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Suze has been going through a lot of stress and depression post cancer treatment – the side effects which are now long term problems deflate her. Like you she gets sick to the back teeth of the ‘stay positive’ credo – it doesn’t help anything and seemingly is a quick go to phrase for many folks – when there is nothing else to say people say ‘stay positive’ which really doesn’t help at all – even l can relate to that my immediate answer to that kind of well wishes is a direct EfffffO response – so l can also understand the frustration – the only thing that can be done Jenna, is to get from a- b in babysteps, one day at a time – laugh as much as you are able and smile – those two things are still free.


It’s trying and tiresome when dealing with persisting health issues, it takes it toll on you not just physically but mentally and emotionally. You have a good man to lean on and help you fight this, you have people who care and will be here for you. You’ll get through this, be kind to yourself, you’re stronger than you realize

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